Victor Technologies CNC Plasma Torch Systems Auto-Cut Applications


Dross-Free Conventional Plasma Cutting!

Can you handle increasing production time? ez Router conventional CNC plasma cutting options rock!

Adding the Auto-Cut O2 series systems to any ez Router CNC plasma machine offers you virtually dross-free cuts and excellent high-speed oxygen cutting. Thermal Dynamics has also used MaximumLife consumable parts in the design of this plasma cutting system. Rest assured that the Auto-Cut CNC plasma cutters offer your business the best parts life in their class.

With the addition of Auto-Cut to your plasma CNC you'll have economic performance on mild steel and non-ferrous materials. The power supplies are designed for low cost operation you can always rely on. Thanks to features like TD's XT-301 consumable parts cartridge and machine status message center the Auto-Cut systems are easy to operate.


Auto-Cut 300 vs Oxyfuel

  • Averages 3 times faster cut speeds
  • Pierces 1¼" (35mm) in 1 second
  • One Auto-Cut 3002 can replace up to 3 oxy-fuel torches - each requiring their own height controls.
  • Patented consumable technology

Matching Cutter and Application

As with any other task, the easiest approach that yields the best results is to match the tool to the project. The same wisdom will get you further faster when you make sure your plasma CNC cutting system choice is not going to hamper production speed, limit your capabilities or stand in your way of business growth.

Which Auto-Cut model will it take to get the job done fast and easy for more profitability? Make it a good fit. The tomorrow's business health could very well depends on it!