VCarve Pro CNC Plasma Software


Every Cut Is Right... The First Time

One of the most important productivity tools available in VCarve Pro CNC software is the realistic 3D toolpath preview support. The results of all toolpaths can be previewed cutting into a 3D model. This means that whether your job is a simple toolpath with one tool, or created from a complex combination of tools and strategies at different levels you can be sure that when the job is cut, it is right first time.

As well as showing that the toolpaths are correct, the high quality rendering and ability to use real world material textures and fill colors is a very valuable sales tool. Using the simulation you can create customer proofs and evaluate design options without actually having to cut anything!


File Import / Export

Import/export capabilities allow you to share files with a huge number of industry software tools.VCarve Pro can import data from a huge range of other design programs using a variety of industry standard file formats. These include DXF, EPS, AI as well as PDF files if they contain vector data. Once imported into VCarve Pro the program has a wide range of tools to make working with this data as efficient as possible. These tools allow you to group vectors together, edit nodes, cut and join vectors, resize vectors, mirror vectors, align vectors etc.

A very important set of tools are those used to identify duplicate vectors and identify and rejoin open vectors. These tools can save an enormous amount of time when working with poor quality data. We have had customers creating toolpaths on imported data in minutes which they had spent hours trying to fix up in other programs. Download the trial version and see for yourself.

As well as importing data from other programs, VCarve Pro offers the ability to export your data in your choice of DXF, EPS or AI file formats. This feature can often be a life saver if a customer requests say some drawings for a sign in order to plan a layout.



Your CNC software is only as good as the support available, with this cutting program its awesome.One of the most important features of any CNC software program is not within the program itself. It is the support available if something goes wrong, you have a query about how something works or even a suggestion for a new feature.

We are very proud of the quality of our software, and maintain an active and open forum at where our users can ask questions and report problems. In addition to direct input from Vectric, there are a large number of enthusiastic users who are always willing to help on any topic associated with CNC machining. Another very interesting section of the forum is the gallery area where users can post images of projects they have done using Vectric software. Please take a look - there are some very nice examples of work on there.

Even if you decide VCarve Pro isn't the solution for your needs, please pop over to the forum or email us to tell us why. We are always looking to improve the program, and feedback from users and potential users is our most important mechanism for choosing future features and capabilities.