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Why Bolt Together CNC Tables Are Not The Way To Go.....

ezPlasma CNC Cutter LogoPurchasing a CNC machine is a lot like buying a car, and can sometimes be a more costly investment. Of course just like anything you are buying; cost is always an issue, but nowhere does it say you should sacrifice quality for price. Unknowingly we all do so, when we don’t properly research all of our options. “Bolt together tables” It really sounds appealing… You’re getting CNC equipment at a ridiculously cheap price, and the only thing you have to sacrifice is a “little” man-hour to put the thing together. They will even give you a book, and a video to show you how to build it… This doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Why bolt together CNC tables aren’t the way to go”

  1. If the CNC Table is not pre-fabricated by the manufacturer, how was your machine tested before you received it? How do you know if the equipment you just spent thousands of dollars on even works?
  2. Those instructional guides were put together by technicians who have built many tables just like yours. So, of course, they will make it look like an easy task, but is it so easy after all? They will tell you it only takes 3 hours, but the reality is it will take days or even more.
  3. “Longevity of Precision” The absolute most important thing for a CNC Machine.
    Who wants to lay a very expensive piece of material on their table, and have the edges turn out looking like someone used a hack saw to cut it? Overtime those bolts that are holding the machine together will become loose, which will in turn drastically reduce the precision you once had. That is if you even had it all.
  4. An improperly squared, or calibrated table will cause premature failure in components such as; drives, motors, gears, bearings, and rails. These are all costly parts to replace and fix.

Here at ezPlasma we strive to make our equipment affordable for you, without sacrificing any of its quality. Because just like a car, we know that your machine has to be built in a way to withstand years and years of mileage and use.

What ezPlasma offers :

  • Fully tested before shipment
  • Fully assembled & welded steel frame
  • +/-.005 Resolution
  • Technical support for the life of the machine
  • A quality built machine at an affordable price